The riders that play a major role in the development of Emerge. These man are testing the product under the most extreme conditions. So we know that only the best is good enough for you.

*-Victory on Emerge

Roy van den Berg

Track sprinter 

-Track record  Apeldoorn

-Track record Alkmaar

-Track record  Dublin

Theo Bos

Track sprinter

-NK 1 kilometer, 2015/16

-NK sprint, 2015/16

-Revolution Manchester 

Roy Pieters

Track/road cyclist

-NK scratch, 2015/16

-Obdam, 2016

-Oostzaan, 2016

-Dudenhoven scratch, 2017

Jens Mouris

Track/road cyclist

Matthijs Büchli

Track sprinter

-Track record Rotterdam

Yentl Ruijmgaard

Track/road cyclist

-NK scratch, 2015/16

Ryan Ruijmgaard


Mel van der Veekens

Track/road cyclist 

-NK 50KM, 2017/18

Rymer Rooks